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A family business based in the manawatu.

Wastewater Treatment Systems and Septic Tanks

Manawatu Contracting and Drainage are fortunate to work with two of the leading wastewater system providers in New Zealand. From aeration systems, to powerless trickle filter systems and Recirculating Textile Packed Bed Reactor (RTPBR) systems, we can cater to your specific requirements, sites and budget.

Along with new installations, MCD offer on-going servicing and maintenance of new and existing systems, as well as upgrades and reports for council compliance.

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Hynds Lifestyle Aeration Treatment System

Hynds are a big name in the NZ civil sector, providing quality concrete products for Kiwis for over 50 years. The Lifestyle treatment system is no different, providing a quality option for domestic wastewater treatment and disposal.

Lifestyle® Waste Water Systems are an elite range of aerated treatment systems that offer environmentally sensitive alternatives to the traditional septic tank.

Lifestyle systems utilise proven Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAFF) technology. This advanced process produces a high quality treatment performance suitable for land application.

X-Perco Powerless Treatment System

If you are wanting a more eco-friendly option, or are planning to build “off the grid”, the X-Perco system is a great option. With no power involved in the treatment process, no worms,  and the possibility of gravity fed discharge (site specific) the X-Perco is the best powerless treatment system available. Also a great option for holiday homes.

X-Perco is the most robust powerless wastewater treatment process utilising a revolutionary natural filter media (Xylit). X-Perco offers reliability and sustainable treatment by removing the electro-mechanical parts from the treatment process.

Innoflow Orenco® AdvanTex®

Originating in the USA, the Innoflow Orenco® AdvanTex® is one of the best performing wastewater treatment plants on the market. The AdvanTex achieves the highest levels of treatment in wastewater, resulting in a resilient, odour free and low power option for any residential setting.

For most single house residential applications, the go to system is our AX20 Package This is known as an advanced secondary treatment system. During normal use, our AX20 System can go 8-12 years between pump-outs. The patented Biotube® Pump Vault filters out solids, and our high quality, noncorroding pumps have a typical life expectancy of 15 years.

For holiday homes and small 1 or 2 bedroom houses you have the option of our AX15 System.

Providing both primary and secondary treatment in one easily installed module, AdvanTex received an A+ rating at the Water NZ Onsite Effluent Testing (OSET) program for its high performance and low power consumption, it was the best performing system out of more than 40 systems tested since 2007. Results showed clearly that our system is 4-6 times cleaner for the environment than many other council approved systems on the market.

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